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  1. I've looked everywhere and can't find the specific information I need. Any suggestions?
  2. Who invented Coca-Cola? Where and when was it invented?
  3. What is My Coke Rewards?
  4. How does Coca-Cola respond to allegations that it is responsible for violence against union leaders in Colombia?
  5. What has Coca-Cola done to ensure water is used responsibly in its operations in India?
  6. Does The Coca-Cola Company conduct animal tests?
  1. Is there a place to view your television ads online?
  2. I would like to know about the music used in one of your latest ads, how can I find this information?
  3. How can someone appear in your ads? Do you accept photos to be used as ads?
  4. Can you share your marketing strategies with me? What is the target market for your products? How much money do you spend on advertising?
  1. Where can I find the latest news and information on Coca-Cola alumni?
  1. I am trying to find a Coca-Cola collectible item; where should I look?
  2. I'm interested in finding out the age and value of an older Coca-Cola item I've found. Who can help me?
  3. Will a particular commemorative bottle/can be sold in stores in my area (i.e. race car driver, sports team)?
  1. I am a restaurant owner, grocer, convenience store manager, etc. How can I open a new account so I can sell Coca-Cola products?
  2. My business is already serving Coca-Cola fountain beverages. How can I contact a customer service representative?
  3. I represent a business that sells Coca-Cola bottle/can beverages. How can I speak to a representative?
  1. What are the key visual elements of Arctic Home Coke cans and Diet Coke "Holiday" cans?
  2. Are the bottle caps on your products recyclable?
  3. What is the difference between Coca-Cola Zero®, Diet Coke® and Coke/Coca-Cola light®?
  4. Have you ever considered making a caffeine-free version of _______? Have you ever considered making a diet version of _______?
  5. How much caffeine is contained in _______?
  6. Is aspartame safe?
  7. Does The Coca-Cola Company perform product testing on animals?
  8. Are your products safe to consume if they are in aluminum cans with liners containing BPA?
  9. Does high fructose corn syrup cause obesity?
  10. What is Coca-Cola doing to address obesity?
  11. Are non-nutritive sweeteners like Aspartame, Saccharin and Sucralose harmful to your health?
  12. Does The Coca-Cola Company have a policy on the use of nanotechnology?
  1. Introduction to Aluminum Can Safety
  2. Why do you maintain that the levels of BPA found in aluminum Coke cans are safe?
  3. Can you share details of the new studies that support the consensus that BPA is safe for humans?
  4. Why is BPA in Coke can liners?
  5. Is BPA found in your PET plastic bottles?
  6. Are you looking for alternatives to can liners with BPA for Coca-Cola or other beverage cans?
  7. Why hasn't Coca-Cola shared more details about your efforts to find a replacement for liners containing BPA?
  8. If you are convinced liners containing BPA are safe for Coke and other beverage cans, why are you working with your suppliers to look for alternatives?
  9. I've read reports that your shareowners have submitted proposals asking you to eliminate BPA from your cans and you have refused to do so. Is that true?
  10. Why don't you do the report that certain shareowners requested?
  11. What will you do if regulators decide to ban BPA in aluminum cans?
  12. Where can I get more information?
  1. I have a question about a promotion.
  2. I have a question about My Coke Rewards.
  3. I received an award notification email claiming to be from The Coca-Cola Company -- is it legitimate?
  4. I received an email asking me to fill out a survey to answer the question, "Which do you prefer? Coke or Pepsi." Is this survey sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company?
  5. I received an email stating that The Coca-Cola Company would send me four cases of Coca-Cola beverages if I sent an email to my friends. The message stated that The Coca-Cola Company was doing this to build a database of consumer email addresses. Is this true?
  1. Where can I learn more about Shareowner Information at The Coca-Cola Company?
  1. What will Coca-Cola sponsor and how do I get my sponsorship proposal to The Coca-Cola Company?
  1. Introduction
  2. What is a two-for-one stock split?
  3. When did the Board of Directors approve the two-for-one stock split and amendment to the restated certificate of incorporation?
  4. Why did the Board of Directors recommend a two-for-one stock split?
  5. Why did the Board of Directors recommend doubling the authorized shares of common stock?
  6. What does a two-for-one stock split mean to shareowners of The Coca-Cola Company?
  7. How many times has the Company split its stock?
  8. When will the stock split and the amendment to the certificate of incorporation be effective?
  9. Will the stock split change my percentage ownership of The Coca-Cola Company?
  10. What happens if I sell my shares of stock after the record date and before the payment date (distribution date)?
  11. How will the split affect quarterly dividends on common stock?
  12. Is the stock split a taxable transaction?
  13. What should I do with my existing stock certificate(s) of The Coca-Cola Company?
  14. Will I receive a new stock certificate for my additional shares?
  15. How will additional shares from the split be distributed to shareowners?
  16. What is Direct Registration?
  17. Why did the Company choose to distribute the shares through DRS?
  18. Are there any fees associated with DRS?
  19. How do I convert my stock certificates to DRS?
  20. If I prefer to hold my shares in certificate form, how do I request a certificate?
  21. Who do I contact if I have additional questions about my shares?


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